Project Hope

A donor funded hospital eliminating leprosy in the desert village of Gendetesfa outside of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.


eradicating leprosy, one family at a time.

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The Need Is Great

In a village over 7,000 miles away there are parents who have the same future hope for their children as parents here in America. That village, outside of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, is called Gendetesfa and it means “Place of Hope.”

The average worker there earns $2 per day, but sadly it costs a family of four an average of $3.50 per day to eat.

There are two working water wells for the over 22,000 people who live there. And yet there is an even greater threat to their community.

Leprosy plagues this village and nearly every household. Why? Because this village was founded in the mid-1900s for lepers who had nowhere else to turn. The village has grown to over 22,000 people who need an answer that is not expensive to give.

The Clinic

The Ethiopian government will provide free leprosy medicine to any government-approved clinic. This is where the Project Hope Clinic enters the story. This Christian clinic is located in Gendetesfa and that offers FREE medical care to anyone in the village.

decrease in infectious disease in the village
of the village has visited the clinic
decrease in length of hospital stay because of early detection and care
of patients have received free medical care

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